b.1998, Wiltshire

Working and living in Cornwall

My practice explores the dialogue created between our body-space and the surrounding architecture, playfully engaging the audience into a dance with the sculpture as it occupies a space. Questioning how a space is both physically and emotionally interacted with by the body and senses through movement.


I work with materials from paper to metal, manipulating the material’s limits to create a play between weight and balance, strength and fragility, open and closed, exterior and interior. Using patterned textures through illusion and layering to abstract the surrounding space, evoking a stillness in movement. For me, my practice is a meditative, obsessive process of repetition; cutting, folding, and twisting, building an intimacy between my body and the material to form the final structure.


2017/20 BA (HONS) Fine Art at Falmouth University


2020 Sculptili. Materiales. Conceptu. at The Fish Factory, Penryn

2019 To Feel, To Think, To Imagine at The Old Net Loft, Polperro 

2019 Architrave at The Fish Factory, Penryn   

2019 Outside In at The Poly, Falmouth 

2019 Material Conversations at The Fish Factory, Penryn   


2020/21 Venice Fellowship at the British Architectural Biennale

JULY 2019 CAST, Helston in collaboration with Helena Clarke


2020 Cultivator Graduate Studio Award

2018 Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Award

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